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What if the dreams your heart calls you to, which your mind says are impossible, were in fact, not only

possible but inevitable when you stepped out to meet them with purpose and perseverance?


Life gets pretty interesting when it's aligned with your vision and your dreams.

I believe that when we pursue them, we begin to fulfill our Destiny.

It's where true fulfillment and satisfaction lie; the juice that

gets us up in the morning. It's a life work, not just a way

of making a living. And the best thing about it?

It leaves a legacy for future generations!

All programs are tailored to meet your specific, individual needs.

Prices are negotiable & based on your financial position.

I work 1:1 with a maximum of

5 people at any one time.


Life Restoration Program (90 Days)

This unique, tailored-to-you coaching program teaches you how to Overcome Anything (seriously),

find Shalom (Hebrew for Peace,  Harmony, Wholeness, Completeness, Tranquility & Prosperity)

& Turn Your Life Around!

It is based on years of study & life experience & is packed with fantastic resources

designed to transform your current experience, restore your hope,

heal from 'hope deferred' (Proverbs 13.12)

& much much more.


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Lifestyle Design Program (6 months)

There are eight major areas of life that when they're all ticking along nicely, life is gooooood ~

 career, money, health, family/friends, romance, physical environment, spirituality

& personal growth, fun & recreation.

In 6 months, you'll create a life a you love.


Unlimited personal coaching sessions over 3 months,

then Simon on your team (on call) for a further 3 months.

New Beginnings

Dream Your Destiny Program (12 Months)

Live your Dreams, Fulfill your Destiny & Leave a Lasting Legacy.

The Dream Your Destiny program with unlimited personal coaching sessions over 6 months,

then Simon on your team (on call) for a further 6 months.

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