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My Story

At 28, I had everything I thought I wanted in life ~ a great job as a drama teacher at the top Performing Arts School in the state and an intelligent, beautiful wife, but I was deeply unhappy and I didn't know why. Not long after that I lost them both, and the bottom fell out of my world. I lost everything I thought I could rely on.


Families are amazing things. When functioning properly, children grow up knowing who they are, their place in the world & how to go about functioning successfully in it. However, as I am sure you're well aware, many families don't function quite as they're supposed to. As a result, we can grow up with a skewed view of the world, ourselves, and our place in it. We have God-given dreams, talents, and desires but we don't always have permission (or know how) to go after them.


My father dreamed of joining the air force. He studied hard and earned a scholarship to become a pilot. All that was required was his parent's signatures, but his mother had just lost three brothers in the war and there was no way on this green earth that she was going to lose her beloved only son as well. She refused point blank and his father didn't stand for him. Dad lived his parent's dream instead of his going to university. He was the first in his family to do so and excelled in it, gaining a Ph.D. in Mathematics from perhaps of the most prestigious university in the world for this subject, Cambridge University. While he was extremely successful in the world's eyes, their remained many unfulfilled dreams and desires.

When it came to my living my dream of becoming a comic actor, Dad did what came naturally to him and he put a stop to it. He insisted I go to teacher's college instead, and I also did what came naturally, I followed his example. I complied. I don't recommend it. It had become a family trait, father to son. So when I found myself miserable in a job I was supposed to want, and a marriage for which we were both unsuited, it took a lot to work out. On top of that, my wife was pregnant. I found a counselor gracious enough to walk me through it all. No small job. Greg was amazing.

It was during this time that I met God in a profound and personal way and nothing will ever be the same. I discovered He was not the angry judge I had grown up believing Him to be, but rather, as I deep-down hoped hime to be, the most generous, forgiving, fun Father that anyone might wish for. I met God, or rather He met with me. It was a deeply healing experience, facilitated by Nicky Gumble's 'Alpha'.

Slowly I've been put back together and am living life (for the most part) the way I'm made to. My former wife and I found a way to raise our wonderful son. Naturally, I'm very passionate about people living their dreams. Our son is living his. I am again pursuing mine. When he turned 21 I lived in Bali for a year. I had a lifelong dream to live on a tropical island. I return often. :)


It turns out I am a born healer (INFP in Myers Briggs). I love coaching and I'm really good at it (if I don't say so myself). I am well-versed, from very painful experience, in the intricacies of moving from broken to prospering. Counselling dealt with a painful past and helped me put the pieces back together. Coaching help me connect with what I really wanted & gave me the tools to build a life I love. For the first time in my life, I'm doing work I love & that I'm good at. I pray your God-given dreams will be your story. I believe it is your destiny.


How do you separate your God-given dreams from those imposed on you? Book a time with me if you like (top right - 'Bookings') and we'll talk, no charge. In the meantime, you might check out the movie 'Runaway Bride'. It's a terrific case study.

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