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"Simon, I'm being truthful when I say you flipped my world inside out - you made me push boundaries, you showed me what it was to be FREE Again... the FUN! that I so desperately needed in my life."

P.  Corrigan

"I have been blessed with the benefit of coaching sessions, which give me that space to consider what's important to me. Trust me I felt horrible this morning and in one hour I feel like I have my focus again and identified things I can do to stop me from making the stresses grind me down."

 H. B. Brown

"I will never forget the support you've given me... it is people like you - genuine and true - that continue to inspire me.
Simon was instrumental in helping me see aspects of myself and perceptions I've held as truths, that have held me back from pursuing my personal dreams. His insight, poignant observations and honest feedback kept me on track even when I 'habitually' strayed. His kindness and enthusiastic and positive attitude created a safe environment for progress."

  Molly S.

"I feel very energized and encouraged and affirmed. That's worth alot. No phoniness from a coach; purely for my benefit. Great questions that challenged and caused me to dig."

T. Pardy

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