The Dreamers' Caravan

What would you go after in life, if you absolutely knew you couldn't fail?

I restore the mojo of overworked professional difference-makers so they can live their dreams,

fulfill their God-given destiny, and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

I'm a Dream Life incubator! :)

~ Simon White Feather


Coaching Services

Get clear about what you really want, before you go and get it.

Overcome Anything

Find your Mojo
Turn it all Around

Find your Flow,


Live your Dreams

Know your Purpose

Leave a Legacy &

Fulfill your Destiny

What people say...


"Simon is a remarkable coach, so much so that I requested his participation to host self exploration groups in my own personal project, Align & Rise. He is both qualified technically and naturally gifted."


~ Laurie Rivers, Align International

"Simon, I'm being truthful when I say you flipped my world inside out - you made me push boundaries, you showed me what it was to be FREE Again... the FUN! that I so desperately needed in my life."

~ Pru Corrigan, One Daydream PR

"It was such a pleasure to hear Simon

coach and listen to his process, which was always creative and spot on. Simon stood out on so many levels."

~ Joanne Waldman PCC,

New Perspective Coaching



Simon is a Transformation Catalyst, Soul Doctor & Dream Incubator.


He's the founder of International Dream Day, The

Dreamers Caravan & The Live the Dream Project.


A survivor, Simon overcame losses in his

personal and professional life, to live

his dreams & create

a life he loves.


His name 'White Feather'

means Hope, Rebirth & New Beginnings.


According to the Myers-Briggs type indicators,

Simon is an INFP; created for healing & transformation.


He's a member of the International Coaches Federation,

a Certified Life Coach & an Emotion Code Practitioner.


Simon's first career of 25 years was as a Drama Teacher in

Public Education, 6 years in Special Needs Education.





"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there." ~ Rumi


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